Spanish Civil War Caudron 600 in 1/72

After our exhausting (mmm??) trip to Telford,  today here is an article from David Hényk, our Czech friend who is not just a great guy but a great modeller as well!

“I like SBS! Why? Because they always make my day with their resin models. Last time, with Caudron C.600, they did it twice. A French plane in a Spanish camouflage. What a splendid combination? When I got it into my hands I started building immediately. It went together well. No bubles, well engineered parts and I almost didn’t have to use putty. Believe me it was pure pleasure. I’m saying this especially for those who deny all resin models because they are too complicated for building…and pricey of course :-P.

From my point of view this is simply perfect candidate for beginners with resin models.”

Thanks Dave!

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