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Caudron 600 Armée de l’Air

We are back! Today Matt Comas tells you the story of Caudron C.600 in service of French Air Force during WW II, along with a full build from Régis Biaux.   The Caudron C.600 Aiglon in the Armée de l’air  September 1939 – June 1940 As soon as the SBS team told me that they …

New The Bodi sets

The Bodi just released two new sets. TB-35116 Italian Decima MAS Soldier WW II (Flottiglia Xa MAS) TB-35117 Decima MAS Commander & Soldier You can order your kit from

Danish KZ-II Traener in 1/72

David Hényk is here again with his beautiful KZ-II   Enjoy!  

Austro-Hungarian Officer WW I

The Bodi just released an Austro-Hungarian Officer WW I (TB-35118) sculpted by Robert Lane and painted by Olivér Kovács. You can order your kit from  

Spanish Civil War Caudron 600 in 1/72 VOL.II

Another Spanish Caudron C.600 by Péter Kormos!   There were(are?) some inherent bad myths in the hobby that I kept on hearing and hearing and quickly embedded into my thinking when I was a youngster. Such things were for example the natural metal finish (NMF) or full resin kits. When I first painted my NMF …

Happy 100th Birthday to Finland

On behalf of our team, we wish Finland happy 100th Birthday! Cheers!

Spanish Civil War Caudron 600 in 1/72

After our exhausting (mmm??) trip to Telford,  today here is an article from David Hényk, our Czech friend who is not just a great guy but a great modeller as well!   “I like SBS! Why? Because they always make my day with their resin models. Last time, with Caudron C.600, they did it twice. A …


Hi everybody! SBS Model just arrived to England! See you all on Saturday!

Welcome to Resinguys blog!

Welcome to Resinguys blog! A few of months ago some friends from the scale modelling industry sat in a bar and had a great chat. This happens quite regularly, but after a couple of beers we started to think about launching a blog to share our works, and get feedback from our modeller friends and …