Welcome to Resinguys blog!

Welcome to Resinguys blog!

A few of months ago some friends from the scale modelling industry sat in a bar and had a great chat. This happens quite regularly, but after a couple of beers we started to think about launching a blog to share our works, and get feedback from our modeller friends and customers.

We want to present  Hungarian, or Hungarian based resin modelling companies, their products, new releases, future plans or whatever else is related to their works.

In the following months we will post blog articles about SBS Model, The Bodi, AIMS (as the company moved to Hungary, and became a good friend of us), but our authors are not limited to Hungary, but came from all over the world.

Happy Modelling, and have fun!

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  • Gabor Szabo says:

    Great news! 🙂 It’s a honour to be the first to comment this welcome: keep up the good work guys! 😉
    (from a notorious resin and AMS modeler)

  • Sid Arnold says:

    Will the Stridsvagn m/38 conversion be available at the Telford show? Thanks.

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