Bf-110 just landed

Hi everyone and Happy Christmas.

As you were made aware earlier on this blog a new 1/32 Bf 110 F/G-2 and G-4 conversion set for any Dragon kit was being made available hopefully by mid December. Well thanks to my great friends at SBS casting the radar mounts, spinners and many other difficult items this date became a reality and so the first 27 orders can be dispatched after the Christmas post madness is over. There is something of a queue with 85 kits ordered already but it is expected that all these can be made by end of January. Prices differ a little if you are using a E-2 Trop or a D-1 R1 so you need to email me at and tell me where you live and what donor kit you have so i can give you the right price. An F/G-2 based on C-7 kit for example is £65.00 plus postage. A G-4 based on C-7 kit is £80.00 plus postage. These are comprehensive conversion sets. Enjoy.

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