The Bodi new releases

Bf-110 just landed

Kari Stenman – Finnish National Marking

We are happy to announce a new author on our blog! The most important Finnish aviation historian Kari Stenman joined our team! Today you can read about the story of Finnish national insignia the Hakaristi. Welcome on board Kari! FINNISH NATIONAL MARKING On 2 March 1918, fifteen years before Adolf Hitler took power in Germany, …

How to work with acetate canopies and windscreens – part one: glue

Today we have an article from Gábor Szabó, father of Plastic Passion line of resin kits.   Many people asked me how even possible to glue clear parts especially the vacformed or just plain acetate ones onto a resin (or any other type of) kit. I see the difficulty as a resin kit can be …

Happy 100th Birthday to Finland

On behalf of our team, we wish Finland happy 100th Birthday! Cheers! Facebook Comments

New figures from The Bodi

The Bodi just released two new sets. TB-35078 SS Officer TB-35111 Hungarian driver for 508 CM Coloniale WW II You can buy them directly from the company at Facebook Comments

Spanish Civil War Caudron 600 in 1/72

After our exhausting (mmm??) trip to Telford,  today here is an article from David Hényk, our Czech friend who is not just a great guy but a great modeller as well!   “I like SBS! Why? Because they always make my day with their resin models. Last time, with Caudron C.600, they did it twice. A …

Overhaulin’ the King Tiger sprocket

Here we give a small summary about those features that we focused on, when design the new sprocket for the MENG KT. Type A: (Saumur, Bovington, Fort Knox, Kubinka)   1. reshaped teeth 2.stronger cut-outs in the intersection of the teeth, that allows to fit better the aftermarket metal tracks 3.stronger and chamfered inner rim, …


Hi everybody! SBS Model just arrived to England! See you all on Saturday! Facebook Comments

Magyar Warriors – 40M Turán crew from The Bodi

The Bodi just released the third figure for 1/35 Bronco 40M Turán I kit. Following the previously released driver and crewman this time the commander joined the company. Commander and driver figure also fits the older 40/43M Zrínyi assault gun as well. Avialable separately and together as a big set. TB- 35107 Hungarian Driver for …